Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Complete Season Movie Special 1992+2014

Usagi Tsukino is an average student and crybaby klutz who constantly scores low on her tests. Unexpectedly, her humdrum life is turned upside down when she saves a cat with a crescent moon on its head from danger. The cat, named Luna, later reveals that their meeting was not an accident: Usagi is destined to become Sailor Moon, a planetary guardian with the power to protect the Earth. Given a special brooch that allows her to transform, she must use her new powers to save the city from evil energy-stealing monsters sent by the malevolent Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom.

But getting accustomed to her powers and fighting villains are not the only things she has to worry about. She must find the lost princess of the Moon Kingdom, the other Sailor Guardians, and the Legendary Silver Crystal in order to save the planet from destruction.

Status: Completed
Progress: TV 238 / 238 – 6 OVA + 4 Movie
Type: BD-Rip
Resulation: 960×720 + 1280×720
Video codec: x264
Audio format: Japan AAC

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Complete Season Movie Special 1992+2014 için 8 cevap

  1. Triston der ki:

    Was looking to download this but now I’m gonna wait for the 10bit version instead.
    Thank you.

  2. Lucas Pasion der ki:

    Sailor Moon R episode 21 is missing

  3. Shiniori der ki:

    v2 10bit version will come. a little patience

  4. Drei der ki:

    Sorry, I tried to download from Torrent but it doesn’t connect, so I downloaded from MediaFire but some episodes are missing and I think some specials, could you upload the missing files? and thanks for sharing 🙂

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