Chibi Maruko-Chan Trilogy Movies 1990

Stepping into the second semester, Maruko has become close friends with Ono and Sugiyama. As the autumn sports day is approaching, Ono and Sugiyama pay a lot of effort to challenge themselves for the championship. They even have trainings in early mornings. However, the friendship between them enters into a huge crisis after the game. Ono has to leave hometown Shimizu suddenly, together with his family for Tokyo. All classmates in class 3-4 have been surprised. Maruko is very worried about the brotherhood between Ono and Sugiyama could never be solved.

Status: Completed
Episode: Movie
Source: BD-Rip
Resulation: 1280×720 / 1920×1080
Video codec: x264 (10bit)
Audio format: Japanese AAC / FLAC

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  1. K.wull der ki:

    Thanks xixixi

  2. loik der ki:

    Thanks shiniori for encoding another old title. Btw is there a chance to share the untouched BD disks of some titles either on nyaa or other anime trackers like AB? For example Red Baron/レッドバロン or Toushi Gordian/闘士ゴーディアン?

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