Kakegurui Live Action 2019

Children from influential families in politics and businesses attend the Hyakkaou Private Academy. There, the hierarchy of the students are classified by a series of games. Students that win the games are on the ruling side and the students who lose become slaves. One day, a mysterious girl, Yumeko Jabami (Minami Hamabe), is transferred to Hyakkaou Private Academy. She looks pure and pretty, but she is actually a compulsive gambler and seeks out the thrill of taking calculated risks.


  1. Based on manga series “Kakegurui” by Homura Kawamoto (writer) & Toru Naomura (illustrator) (first published 2014 in magazine Gekkan Gangan Joker).
  2. Related titles:
    1. Kakegurui (TBS-MBS / 2018)
    2. Kakegurui Season 2 (TBS-MBS / 2019)
    3. Kakegurui The Movie | Eiga Kakegurui (2019)
    4. Kakegurui 2: Ultimate Russian Roulette | Eiga Kakegurui Zettai Zetsumei Russian Roulette (2021)

Status: Completed
Episode: 23 + 2
Source: BD-Rip
Resulation: 1280×720 / 1920×1080
Video codec: x265 (12bit)
Audio format: Japan AAC / FLAC

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Kakegurui Live Action 2019 için 5 cevap

  1. Modolya der ki:

    I think what he means is probably about the 12 bit.
    in anime / live action that exists in nyaa mostly 10 bit / 8 bit.
    I know that x266 is soon will be there, but yeah generally people is more used to x264, x265, av1 etc.
    Back again, i didn’t mean to be rude or insult your doing, but
    as far as I know, 12 bit is not a thing, like it’s burden more to the system to play it. And literally 12 bit is pointless and not that different with the color range in 10 bit, i mean people mostly cannot tell the difference anyway.
    IMO, It’s a good stick at 10 bit as for now. And it’s a perfect fit for x264 10 bit. But not with x265 12 bit is a big no for me, this is only my opinion though.
    In the first place, why do x265 12 bit but not x265 10 bit??

    • Shiniori der ki:

      x264 10bit vs x265 12bit vs x266 14bit works on every computer and you can watch it easily. However, the reason why it does not work on the TV is the codec supported by the TV. There are televisions that support x265 12bit, but they are very expensive and not everyone can buy them. I make anime on x264 10bit, I make live action on x265 12bit. When I look at the TV series and movie images on Avistaz.to, the disgraces of x264 are endless. I continue to offer the best quality service I can to you, my dear friends. 🙂

    • Shiniori der ki:

      I bought a 60 terabyte HDD and I will have live action posts very soon. especially Korean and Japanese TV series.

  2. Lan der ki:

    What The heck? 12bit? How? 12-bit TV is not yet supported :3

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