High Score Girl 2018

The year is 1991, and arcade video games are the latest craze. Becoming a professional gamer is a far-fetched dream in an industry that has yet to spread its influence. Yet, that is the path sixth-grader Haruo Yaguchi wants to pursue. His aptitude for video games has earned him respect in local arcades and bestowed him with confidence and pride, both of which are shattered when fellow classmate Akira Oono easily defeats him in Street Fighter 2.

Akira is rich, pretty, and smart—as close as can be to a perfect girl. But Haruo had never cared about these things as, despite his multiple shortcomings as a person, his supremacy in video games was, in his mind, undisputed. So, now that someone has appeared who can rival him, part of Haruo cannot help but loathe her. Another part, however, itches for somebody who can compete with him on equal terms, and Akira is more than capable.

Status: Completed
Episode: 21+3
Source: BD-Rip
Resulation: 1280×720
Video codec: x264 (10bit)
Audio format: Japan AAC

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  1. hey dear friend~~

    how are you ?? Still exhausted and tired and sleepless??

    Please RELAX, man!!

    what has happened to the preview thumbnails/pics. of these
    recent new anime posts……
    and I thought you’d said you’re uploading in ALPHABET order???

    1. I keep it on FTP. There are a total of 6 anime left, which will be uploaded with them.

      The anime you mentioned are anime with very long episodes, it is not easy to encode and upload 🙂

      23 hours 🙁

      1. ???

        I think you are truely tired now….. haha… you are answering the wrong person… and the wrong questions too…

        I didn’t request for any animes yet…..

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