InuYasha 2000

InuYasha 2000

Kagome Higurashi’s 15th birthday takes a sudden turn when she is forcefully pulled by a demon into the old well of her family’s shrine. Brought to the past, when demons were a common sight in feudal Japan, Kagome finds herself persistently hunted by these vile creatures, all yearning for an item she unknowingly carries: the Shikon Jewel, a small sphere holding extraordinary power.

Amid such a predicament, Kagome encounters a half-demon boy named Inuyasha who mistakes her for Kikyou, a shrine maiden he seems to resent. Because of her resemblance to Kikyou, Inuyasha takes a violent dislike to Kagome. However, after realizing the dire circumstances they are both in, he sets aside his hostility and lends her a hand.

Unfortunately, during a fight for the Shikon Jewel, the miraculous object ends up shattered into pieces and scattered across the land. Fearing the disastrous consequences of this accident, Kagome and Inuyasha set out on a challenging quest to recover the shards before they fall into the wrong hands.

This first InuYasha anime series, alternatively known as Sengoku Otogizoushi InuYasha, was broadcast in more than 30 countries outside Japan. In North America, it aired on Adult Swim, Toonami, and YTV’s Bionix. The series’ success led to over one million English-language DVDs being sold between March 2003 and November 2004.

The anime won the “Property of the Year” award in ICv2’s Anime Awards for both 2004 and 2005. It placed third in Animage’s Anime Grand Prix “Best Anime” category in 2003.

Between January 2004 and December 2008, Viz Media, the official licensor of the English dub version in the USA, released 30 animanga volumes based on screenshots of the anime’s episodes.

Status: Completed
Episode: 167 / 167
Source: BD-Rip (ITALY BD – Spain BD)
Resulation: 960×720
Video codec: x265 (10bit)
Audio format: Japan AAC

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Hi and thanks a lot for this release.
It would be great if you can re-release it but keeping the Italian audio.
Almost everyone seems to agree that the BD ITA is the best video source atm but ironically every release out there is muxed with ENG/JAP audio and the ITA audio is left out.
An untouched BDISO would be a dream but even another release like this one but with ITA audio will be perfect.
Please consider it

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I’m glad you’re back. Thank you very much for Inuyasha. You’re great.
There are two series that you may want to consider for the future: Saint Seiya and Ranma 1/2

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    These are long series, I will definitely upload them later.

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welcome back!!!
i thought u were gone forever,
can you please do Sabikui Bisco JP BD from IrizaRaws?

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Hello, can you re-seed Inuyasha and Movies or give direct link for download? I really wana get your version of Inuyasha but no one is seeding it on nyaa… 🙁

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    v2 12bit version is coming

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