Itai no wa Iya nanode 2020

After an enthusiastic invitation from her friend, Kaede Honjou reluctantly agrees to try New World Online: a very popular VRMMO played by thousands of people across Japan. Naming her in-game character Maple, she sets out on her journey. As a complete novice to such games, she allocates all of her stat points into vitality, desiring to not get hurt. With not a single point in any other stat, Maple has extraordinarily high defense, but she can’t move quickly or hit hard.

This does not end badly for her, however. Due to her high defense, Maple acquires overpowered skills such as Total Defense, Poison Immunity, and Devour. These skills, along with the incredibly powerful items she obtains, allow her to obliterate most enemies in a single hit. After only a few days of playing the game, Maple claims third place in a server-wide event, gaining a reputation as a player who is both unkillable and absurdly powerful.

Despite her overpowered character, Kaede has much to learn. As she progresses through the game, she meets new friends and acquaintances, helping her complete new levels and events. Through all of her adventures, she may even pick up some other crazy skills that exceed all expectations.

Status: Completed
Episode: 12
Source: BD-Rip
Resulation: 1280×720
Video codec: x264 (10bit)
Audio format: Japan AAC

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  1. Hi Shiniori, could you please seed if possible?

  2. Please Shiniori, Monster (Naoki Urasawa) is finally on BD. And The First Slam Dunk (Takehiko Inoue) too. Can you upload them?

    1. I will upload it in 2 days.

      1. Thank you Shiniori! you are the best.

  3. can you please plant seeds for this

  4. Were the Dai No Daibouken rips uploaded anywhere else? The ones on Nyaa are dead.

    1. You can download it. I’m planting seeds

  5. Shiniori, DBD RAWS published a new batch of Dragon Ball Z chapters, 248-270.

    1. I downloaded it and will upload it as soon as possible.

      1. Thank you!

  6. please do mashle bd

  7. Hi Shiniori. Are you taking a break? I just want to know if you’re ok.

    1. My computer crashed. I saved all my data and continue where we left off. I’m currently uploading 20 anime to seedbox.

      1. Oh, so bad. But it’s good to know you’re ok.

  8. Ruimlf@triotS says:

    @Shiniori, Thank YOU for All.
    Please Seed your > Tomodachi Game (2022) 720p/1080p BluRay x264 10bit-Shiniori

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